Program Evaluation

Evaluation was a popular topic at the 2010 BC RJ Conference. Evaluation is a crucial part of effective program development, both for ourselves as reflective practitioners interested in ensuring values-based practice, as well as for our funders and supporters who count on our evaluative evidence and research.

So how do we evaluate our programs? What’s your approach?

Conference attendees volunteered to share their evaluation strategies with each other in order to better rj evaluation in the province. Here is a space to share evaluation resources and ideas. Send your shareables to

Process Evaluation

Circle Participant Evaluation (Lillooet RJ)

Rights-Based Restorative Justice: Evaluation Toolkit

Evaluation Research

CERA – Communities Embracing Restorative Action

  • A recent research study evaluating CERA’s restorative justice services can be found here

Science cannot fix this: the limitations of evidence-based practice (Boyes-Watson & Pranis)

August 27, 2017