Mental Health Resources

Mental health, mental capacity, and competency are fields of knowledge that aren’t generally mastered by restorative practitioners, and yet these issues frequently affect our clients and the communities in which we work. This page aims to provide some information and resources to help rj practitioners in BC work more competently in situations involving mental health and related issues.

If you have resources or materials regarding this issue, please email us at and we will share it here.

New Possibilities for Juvenile Justice: Directions for Youth Transformation

  • On youth recidivism, administration, and treatment methodologies

Risk factors for antisocial and delinquent behaviour

Youth with Disabilities in Conflict with the Law Project (Society for Children & Youth of BC)

  • Discussion Paper:  “Realizing Rights—Responding to Needs”
  • Community Consultation Report: “Realizing Rights—Responding to Needs”
  • Springboard for Action—May 2009 Roundtable Report
  • Youth made child rights short films
August 27, 2017