Welcome to the Restorative Justice BC website!

This website is intended for restorative justice (rj) practitioners, community partners, and others with an interest in rj.

This website was born out of the 2010 BC Restorative Justice Conference, held in May 2010 in Abbotsford, BC (for more information about this conference, see the conference website). Funding for the initial development of this website has been provided through the Department of Justice’s Youth Justice Fund.

We hope you find this website useful. Here you can find out more about the outcomes of the 2010 BC RJ conference, information regarding restorative justice programs and services in British Columbia, and news regarding RJ in the province.
Our website has some features we would like to highlight.

First, there are a few ways to navigate the site, either through the tabs located on the top of the page, or the hot topics index, website archives, or search field, which are all located in the sidebar on the right. You can also search by category keywords. If you would like to receive email notification whenever this site is updated, check out the subscription link.

Do you have details about an upcoming event (conference, training, celebration…) in BC that rj advocates or practitioners may be interested in, please contact us with the details.

Using This Site

As we said, we want this site to be useful for you and your colleagues. If you have information you would like to contribute to this website, or if you have any questions, please contact us at info@rjbc.ca.

If you have questions about something posted in the “New and Current” section of the site, please refer to the specific contact information in the associate post. We are glad to post announcements, but we’re just the messenger! Please contact the original sources for more information.

August 27, 2017